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Orders for Our 2005 Growing Season Have Closed

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Pots are available all year on a "Cash and Carry" basis
Pots available for Cash and Carry only "Just a note to let you know that my plants arrived today, healthy and plump! I can't wait to get them in the ground."
~ T.M. Tennessee

Due to the difficulty of shipping live plants out of the United States, we prefer not to ship to outside the of the Continental U.S. at this time.

While you can get a potted plant of most varieties all year long by visiting the garden, we only ship rhizomes in late summer, beginning mid July and usually ending early September. This ensures that the rhizomes you receive are the fattest available and that you will be able to have sufficient time to get them planted and rooted before the first frost. We encourage you not to place any orders after August 6, 2005. We will again be accepting orders the following Spring, which will be shipped during the regular shipping season.

Shipping will begin mid July
If you know you will be out of town during delivery season, please let us know

After your rhizomes are hand selected by Ron, they are washed, trimmed, disinfected, and given some dry time before being shipped out. We take every precaution available to make sure your plants arrive vibrant and disease free. They will arrive with planting and care instructions. We recommend you get them in the ground as soon as possible after arrival. If you find that you have to wait before planting them, we recommend they be unpacked and placed in an upright position inside a cardboard box, then stored in a dark, cool, dry area (perhaps in your garage). 

If you have more questions you can contact us by email or phone us at (530) 306-3217. Please note we are outside most days and we will return your call usually in the evening.

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Note: there is minimum order of $20 + shipping

Payment Options
We accept PayPal, Money Orders or Checks

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