Leota's Iris Garden
Specializing in Tall Bearded Iris, grown in California
Shipping will begin mid July 2005
Orders are accepted from March 4th through August 6th

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    Leota's Iris Garden is located just outside Sacramento in the heart of the Sierra Nevada foothills. We are a family owned business. What started as a love for plants and an enthusiasm for iris, quickly turned into a beautiful garden of over 1500 different varieties of tall bearded iris.

Slide your mouse over the persons for identification Ronda Tom Conni and Tucker Noah Cristal and Seth Owners Ron and Sharon Shane Julie Amber and Carly (not shown)

    Deciding to share our joy of both gardening and iris with others, we opened to the public in 1999. We work along side with our children and their families to provide Garden in bloom a welcome environment with picnic tables under the shade of mature oak trees and with ample parking.

    Please enjoy our website as a representation of what we at Leota's have to offer. Of course nothing substitutes for visiting the actual garden, so if you have a chance to come visit us, take it! The best time of year to visit is between late April and May. We also have many reblooming iris, which bloom a second time from October through December. If you plan on bringing larger groups to visit the garden, please let us know in advance so we can make sure you are greeted.

Meet the owners

    Ron and Sharon Schwartzman are gardening veterans. Seth helping in the gardenTheir garden at home (across the street from Leota's) landscaped with Rhododendrons and Azaleas, has been featured in Sunset magazine as well as the cover of Cal Life, among others. Ron has always been into gardening and flowers, raising African Violets and Orchids in his younger days. He finds the same satisfaction with iris while they require less attention.

    The iris garden is a project the whole family has a share in. In the fall months it is not unusual to see some of the family and their families tending the field. Don't ever underestimate the value of labor provided by the little ones.

Who is Leota?

    Leota was the wife of the original homesteaders of over 320 acres here in Shingle Springs. We met her when we moved to the area with our 4 small children in 1974. Our children would visit Leota, who was widowed at the time, to bring her mail and spend long afternoons in her company. They have many fond memories of these years. Of the original acreage her family had acquired in 1887, she had still retained 23 acres. In 1996, several years after her death, we purchased the remaining 23 acres, where her house still stands (barely). We have set aside an area for the "original" iris from Leota's garden, making sure they get the neglect they have become accustomed to.

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